Exploring The Childcare Market

There is an ever-growing number of working parents and this fact has created a huge demand for high-quality childcare. Are you spotting the business niche? If you love children, you may want to consider making a business of caring for kids.

Childcare services run the gamut for little home-based operations to big commercial franchises. A small center may not need more than a few hundred dollars as the initial investment. It's possible to keep your business small so that you create one job, just for you, or you might decide to turn the venture into something quite substantial that may bring in millions of dollars of revenue, every year.

Not only is there flexibility in the scale of the childcare business you create, you also have a great deal of leeway in deciding what services you will offer. You can choose to accept only children of a certain age or open the center when other centers are closed, thus molding your operating hours to meet the demands of a particular sector of the market. You can decide whether or not you'd like to offer transportation between your center and homes or schools. Perhaps you want to offer a particular activity, such as field trips.

Serious Responsibility

Bear in mind that caring for someone else's' children comes with a great deal of serious responsibility and commitment. Their well-being and safety will be in your hands. But child care can be very satisfying for the important role you play in a child's development. The children in your charge may remember you forever as someone who made a positive difference in their lives.

Former Model

One of the major hurdles facing the American family today is in providing care for their offspring while parents are at work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that only 13% of U.S. families fit the former model of daddy as breadwinner and mommy as homemaker. In up to 61% of families headed by married couples, husband and wife both work outside of the home. Six out of every ten moms of kids under the age of six works and the number of women in the workforce increases every year. As the number of working couples rises, so too, will the demand for quality childcare.

One employment issue has had an interesting impact on childcare businesses. Jobs that demand employees work nights or weekends, for instance, technical support, customer service, hospitality, and janitors, are looking for childcare that will keep their child safe during unusual time frames. As a result, 24-hour daycare centers have sprung up across the country and are experiencing tremendous growth.