Field Trip Smarts

Out and about in all kinds of weather . . . ah the joys of going on field trips. Here is a checklist which might help make your neighbourhood excursions a little safer.


    * State the ground rules. "Walk, don't run". "Hold hands." "Stop at every street crossing." Practice the rules with the children, "Look to the left and then to the right." Play "red light/ green light/ yellow light" games.
    * If you are taking a stroller, the younger or easily diverted children can be asked to hold on to the other children's hands.
    * Let the children know before you go on a field trip that you return immediately if children act in an unsafe manner. Stay calm if it happens, but don't back down. You can always try another day and the children will learn that you are serious about safe behavior.
    * Notify parents of your usual neighbourhood routes and any special field trips.
    * Plan trips based on the ages of the children.
    * Plan for rests along the way. Know where the public washrooms are.
    * Take a compact first aid kit and your "Emergency/Consent cards".
    * Carry a survival bag with spare clothes, finger food snacks, beverages, Kleenex, etc.