Handling Injuries In Child Care

On any given day there are children who are injured in child care. A child runs to grab the family pet and trips over a toy. Another child receives a bite after an altercation over a book. A fall off a bike leaves a little fellow with a scraped knee. And so it goes.

After giving hugs that soothe the crying child, caregivers tend to the injury, cleansing the affected area, applying an antibiotic ointment where necessary, covering the booboo with a bandage, or applying ice to a swelling wrist. Within no time at all, life goes back to normal and giggles of happiness flood the daycare. The injury is all but forgotten.

Mom Calls

Forgotten that is, until Mom calls later that night to inquire about how her son got the scrape on his knee which is now tender and red and causing the child some discomfort. The caregiver tries her best to relay the incident. But it's too late. Mom is listening, just barely, and is sighing heavily on the other end of the phone. "I wish you'd have told me about it earlier," she says before hanging up the phone.

Keep Parents Up-to-Date

Handling injuries and informing parents of the incidents is a fairly simple procedure when caregivers make use of Injury/Accident Report form. Not only is the injury documented in detail including the time of the injury, the treatment given, and the location of the injury placed on the body diagram on the report, the form serves as a communication tool for parents and caregivers, and a protection for insurance purposes. The report can be placed on the child's diaper bag or backpack or in the parent's slot on the bulletin board, so the notification is made before the child leaves the facility. A copy then goes into the child's file as proof that the incident was documented.

This practice gives parents an opportunity to talk to the caregiver about the injury prior to finding out about it later on when bathing the child or getting him/her ready for bed. It also adds a touch of professionalism to the daycare business and enhances trust and respect between both parties.