Retain and Motivate Employees 

1. Pay employees fairly and well, then get them to forget about money.
2. Treat each and every employee with respect. Show them that you care about them as persons, not just as workers.
3. Praise accomplishments … and attempts: · Both large and small l Verbally and in writing · At least 4 times more than you "criticize" l Promptly (as soon as observed) · Publicly … and in private l Sincerely
4. Clearly communicate goals, responsibilities and expectations. NEVER criticize in public - redirect in private.
5. Recognize performance appropriately and consistently: · Reward outstanding performance (e.g., with promotions and opportunities) · Do not tolerate sustained poor performance - coach & train or remove!
6. Involve employees in plans and decisions, especially those that affect them. Solicit their ideas and opinions. Encourage initiative.
7. Create opportunities for employees to learn & grow. Link the goals of the organization with the goals of each individual in it.
8. Actively listen to employees concerns - both work-related and personal.
9. Share information - promptly, openly and clearly. Tell the truth … with compassion.
10. Celebrate successes and milestones reached - organizational and personal. Create an organizational culture that is open, trusting and fun.