Don't Ever Apologize for Your Child Care Business

Small business is the backbone of our economy, representing 60 percent of all new jobs. What's more, a survey conducted by Goldfarb Consultants, and sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Scotiabank, shows that small-business owners are among the most respected people in the world for their motivation, professionalism and honesty.

Should that give small child care business owners a warm and fuzzy feeling inside? You bet it should. Especially when you consider that independent business owners, from the dayhome operator down the block to the large daycare centre proprietor on the corner, are responsible for a larger portion of care for approximately 13 million U.S. and 2.3 million Canadian children.

And here's even more bragging rights: The child care industry is booming and has been targeted as one of the hot growth sectors of the new millennium, according to David Wanetick, author of Hot Sector Investing. Statistics from the National Child Care Association show there are approximately 100,000 licenses child care centres in the U.S., with about 5,000 new centres cropping up each year. Those numbers don't include the huge private dayhome industry.

Your Contribution

What better contribution can child care operators make to the community and the economy than the care and nurturing of our young people. Each and every child care provider should be immensely proud of what they do. They are passionate about the children in their care and about the quality of service they provide. How many employees in other businesses can say the same?

On top of that, child care operators are highly skilled and excel at a lot more than overseeing the positive development of children. As small business owners they counsel parents, cook, clean and prepare new agendas for upcoming days. They balance books, massage budgets, and perform recordkeeping duties. They conduct research, upgrade their training, market their business, and provide their little clients with immeasurable service.

Child care business owners have to be respected as well for the risk they take being self-employed. The security of a steady paycheck is nonexistent, yet the stress of running the business, the pressure to succeed, and the long hours are ever-present. Not everyone is willing to follow their dream.

Child care business owners, stand tall. Don't ever offer excuses for your business. Your intelligence, your business acumen, and your contribution to society are to be commended. So hand out those business cards. Speak out loud and clear when someone asks you what you do. Be proud of tending to our nation's young. Let everyone know that your business is a valuable and much needed asset to our society.