Choosing Child Care Checklist


Check out this useful information on how to best choose child care for your child.  Here are the things to ask yourself:

Are you Informed?

Quality child care doesn't just happen. You have to know:

What to look for

What questions to ask on an interview

Did you Check References?

How to differentiate between good and shoddy care

That approved (licensed) care does NOT guarantee safe, good
child care.

Ask Yourself

Do you REALLY know:
What questions you SHOULD ask a director, caregiver, agency or
nanny during and interview?
What safety issues to look for in a daycare centre or family
What credentials a daycare director should have? An individual
What kind of activities a centre or dayhome should provide to help
your child develop his/her intellectual, physical, social and
emotional abilities?
What questions you SHOULD ask when checking the references
of a centre, caregiver, agency or nanny?
How to recognize the warning signs of poor child care?
The seven most important components of quality child care?
How to monitor your child care arrangements to ensure that they
remain safe and of good?