Electrical Appliances

Common electrical appliances pose many dangers for children. Use the following to ensure your child's safety.

Keep curling irons, hair dryers and radios away from water sources like the bathroom sink.
Ensure plastic safety plugs are on all unused outlets.
Keep power tools out of a child's reach. Unplug when not in use.
Twist appliance cords around table legs to keep children from grabbing, chewing and pulling on them.
Ensure kettle, toaster, electric frying pans cords, etc., are not left dangling from counter tops.
Teach children to stay away from lawn mowers and weed trimmers.
Teach children the dangers of overhead wires. Kites should be flown in open areas only. Under no circumstances is a child to climb a power pole. Electrical substations are no place to play.
Parents and caregivers: How electrical safe is your home or dayhome? Why not take a few moments not to check it out? Your child's safety could depend on it.


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