Start Your Own Profitable Childcare Business

Our expert child care researchers and editors have been hard at work creating this incredible childcare business package, complete with books, checklists, forms and resource information, all essential items for helping you create, operate and profit from your own daycare facility. This well-compose guide is a must for anyone looking to create a childcare facility, whether a small at home daycare business, or a large, well-equipped commercial child care center.

Take advantage of our Grants and Fundraising resources.

We have put together a thorough and complete packet on where you can find the best sources for grants for starting your daycare facility. There is free money out there that can help you realize your dream of starting a child care center. Let us help you find these sources.

Also check out our books on Financing Your Child Care Business, how to: Fundraising for Non-Profits, Getting Publicity, and Grant and Fundraising Search and Information Forms. Find the money you need to start a profitable child care center.

Starting A Daycare

Grants And Funding

Licensing Child Care

Starting A Daycare Facts

Why Quality Matters

Employment Information

Marketing Tips

Childcare Costs

Obtaining Grants

Determining Your Fees


Child Care Activities

Arts and Crafts Ideas

Play Centers


Music Centers

Reading Centers

Housekeeping Centers

Fitness And Fun

Fun Centers


Managing Childcare


Bulletin Board Ideas



Tax Statements

Caregiver Turnover


Baby Proofing

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Developmental Practices

Character Building




Accepting Differences

Learning Styles

Heroes and Values

Overcoming Shyness


Safety And Health



Playground Safety

Toddler Nutrition

Medicine Safety

Fire Prevention

Art Supplies And Toxins

Crib Safety

Reducing Illness

Food Allergies

Preventing Falls


Child Care Issues

Quality Care

Child Abuse In Child Care

Cost Of Child Care

Tips For Success

Caring For A Sick Child

Showing Appreciation

Every Child Care form you will need for running a daycare is only a click away.

There is a lot of paper work involved in managing a child care center. We have endeavored to make your running of such a facility that much easier by providing you with every form you could ever need to run a child care center.

Why start from scratch when we've already done the work for you?

And just for parents...

Choosing Daycare

Choosing Daycare Checklist

Q & A On Choosing Daycare

Monitoring Your Child

Hiring The Right Nanny

Infant Child Care

Criminal Records Check

Planning Ahead

Reference And Referral Agencies


Child Development

Choosing The Best Toys

Getting Children To Help

The Magic Of Art

Supporting Child's Play

Parents Participation

Recycling And Art

Learning From Cooking


Every aspect of starting and operating your child care facility is right here!

Now Is The Time To Start A Day Care Business

There is a shortage of quality daycare for children the world over and now is the time to create this highly profitable business. Parents are no longer satisfied with just having a place to leave their children throughout the day and are desperately seeking out an educational, yet warm and loving, facility in which to entrust their little ones.

Savory business people everywhere are seeking to capitalize on this void, and now is the right time to make a go at creating your own child care facility. Day care facilities have become one of the fastest growing industries, and some even say are recession proof. With the surge in the demand for child care, at-home successful daycare facilities can expect a yearly profit of $50,000, while larger commercial daycare centers can gross several hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Don't miss out on this rewarding and profitable business option. Now is the right time to start your daycare facility.

We have not forgotten about a parent's need for finding the right child care. We provide all of the resources parents need for choosing the right daycare and for ensuring that their children are in a safe and caring environment. To guarantee your child's quality care take a look at our Daycare Evaluation or Home Evaluation Checklists, our Daycare Center Interview And Reference Check List, our Choosing A Daycare Workbook Kit, our Hiring A Nanny Workbook Kit, or The Anxious Parent's Guide To Quality Childcare.