Preventing Falls

Falls are the leading cause of emergency department visits by children.  Keep your child safe at the daycare and at home by following these simple safety precautions.

Tips On Staying Safe

    * Never leave a child unattended an a change table, bed or sofa.
    * Make sure your child is properly strapped into the stroller, swing and highchair.
    * Keep stairwells free of clutter.
    * Use a CSA or U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission approve safety gates at the top and bottoms of stairs.
    * Make sure windows have sung-fitting screen.  For extra protection attach window guards an all non-fire escape windows.
    * Keep chairs and furniture away from windows to prevent climbing.
    * Fire escapes, decks, balconies and high porches all pose a threat to children and should be secured with safety gates.  Railing spacings should be less than 3" to prevent a child from slipping through or getting his or her head trapped.  Children should be properly supervised when playing in these areas.

From: Safety Tip of the Month Cards, published by About Child Care Consumer Services.