Preventing Strangulation

Though you wouldn't think so, strangulation poses a very real threat to children.

But like all accidents, strangulation can be prevented by applying a few simple safety measures as follows:

    * Never tie a pacifier or, for that matter, any object around a baby's neck.
    * Tie or fasten Venetian blind or drapery cords out of a child's reach.
    * Remove the chains between vertical blinds.
    * Never place a crib, bed or chair near a blind or drapery cord.
    * Avoid children's clothing with drawstrings, or remove all drawstrings from existing clothing. Many a child has been strangulated on play equipment by drawstrings.
    * Pay close attention to the clothing children wear to the playground: scarves, ties, hoods, and loose clothing can get caught on playground equipment.
    * Avoid accordion style safety gates which, if spread too far, could entrap a child's head.
    * Remove mobiles with dangling cords once a child is able to grab at the objects.
    * Remove toy box lids that can slam down on a child's neck.
    * Keep extension and appliance cords wrapped up and out of reach.
    * Do not remove the centre strap from high chairs, car seats, swings, etc., as a child could easily slide down and catch his/her neck on the waist strap.

From our excludive Safety Tip of the Month Cards.