Free Child Care Center Management Software

Here in our Managing Child Care section we have devoted our research to how you can best run and manage your child care center.  Check out some of our useful articles like ethics in child care, education, bulletin board ideas, filling out incident reports, discipline and child care, why high child care turnover can affect your center, and how to handle bullying.  Also check out our information below on software for managing your child care center.

Keeping It Togehter

Taking on the Task of managing a Child Care Center can be a real challenge.  Having the right software to keep you organized and to help manage your day-to-day activities can help a lot.

Totwise Software has announced the immediate availability of version 1.0 of its flagship product, Totwise, the youth program management software.

Designed primarily for preschools and day care centers Totwise does not require previous computer experience, yet it's powerful enough to manage even the largest programs. A comprehensive written manual is also provided.

Totwise is a free download and can be evaluated without time or functionality limits. Pricing is free for programs with up to 100 kids. It is available now at Totwise runs on Macintosh 8.6 through 10.2 and on Windows 98 through XP.

About Totwise Software

Totwise Software is a privately held software company located in northern California. We focus exclusively on our only product, Totwise, the youth program management software. Our mission is to make sure that Totwise remains the easiest to use and most efficient system available. We work closely with our customers to evolve the product and accommodate our users' needs. 

Everything Else You Need To Know When Managing Child Care

Here in our section on Managing Child Care we address the many issues and challenges that come with running any child care facility.  What ethics are involved with managing child care, how should you and your staff handle bullying between the children, how should you report suspected child abuse, and how can you maintain proper discipline within your facility?  Also check out our great management tips, get some bulletin board ideas, and find out how to keep your employees happy on the job.  Equipped with the right information, like the proper way to baby-proof your center, you can run a well-adjusted and successful child care facility.