Safety And Health In Day Care

In our section devoted to the safety and health of children in day care, we strive to help child care providers prepare for the array of safety and health hazards that could arise in a child care center. Preparation and prevention are the keys to keeping the children under your care safe.

Keeping Kids Safe

Find out how to prevent child poisoning in your care center and also learn more about the importance of stocking non-toxic supplies in order to help prevent the instances of child poisoning. Also check out our articles on fire safety which will help you acquire the tools you need to teach children about the dangers of fire and about what to do if the structure you are in catches fire. In addition, get some important information on play ground safety, the dangers of trampolines, and how to teach children to be safe when outside the grounds of the child care center. Street safety lessons could just save their lives. Crib safety is also nothing to scoff at and find out which cribs and mattresses are best for your center.

Sickness And Health

Get some important information on how to keep children safe in extreme weather such as during a winter storm or a summer heat wave. Also, learn how you can limit the spreading of colds and viruses in your child care center, an important tool in our current state of flu epidemics. Don't miss our article on how to tell if a child is really sick, and what do if he/she is. Finally, find out what to do if the children under your care start biting one another and get some great tips on child nutrition so that you properly plan your child care center's healthy meals.