Overcoming Shyness

In any group of children there are always some who find it hard to join in the fun. Here are some ways to help your child, or a child in your care, overcome their shyness.

    * Work with your child to make a list of situations that make her feel shy. This could be anything from joining the group at circle time or sitting at the lunch table. Pick one situation to work on.

    * Role play the situation with your child. For example, the children are playing a game in group. Your child wants to join in but is too shy. She doesn't go and feels badly as she pouts and looks on at the group.

    * Help your child think of ways to
      deal with this situation. For example your child could join the group but not play the game until she feels ready. She can laugh as she watches the other children.

    * If it comes to her turn in the game tell her to join in once. If she doesn't like it she can pass on her next turn and just play along. Or she can pass completely and still play in the game.

    * Make a list of things your child care do to overcome her shyness in care. For instance, she could find one special friend to hang out with. Or she could ask to stand by the teacher during group time if that will make her feel more comfortable. The teacher can praise her efforts and help her adjust to the group easier.

Helping your child take little steps to overcome her shyness will give her the confidence she needs to try again in different situations.


MegaSkills by Dorothy Rich, Houghton Miffin