Fun Centers

There are so many fun centres you can develop for children. Many of them can actually be kept in a shoe-box for easy storage. These might include:

The Science Centre

Plastic animals, magnifying glasses, measuring cups, rocks, bug catchers, small toy greenhouses, shells, magnets, prisms, a compass, anything that involves the senses; sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch, along with adventurous science items can be kept in a box and brought out on weekly basis to introduce the children to simple science. The library is chockfull of great science books to inspire budding scientists.

The Math Centre

An interesting math centre might contain: counting items such as beads, bread tags, buttons, small blocks, shells rocks plastic numbers, number games, play money, a cash register, flash cards, clocks, timers, bingo cards, etc. equipment for measuring such as rulers, a measuring tape, spoons, cups, and so on.

The Camping Centre

Kids love to camp, whether it be outside in the back yard, or in the family room on a rainy day. Backpacks, sleeping bags, tents or even larger blankets fashioned into tens make for some great outings. Include a few old pots and pans, some tine cups, a canteen, binoculars, an old cooler and grill and presto, you've created a campsite kids will love.