Knowledge is Power!

You'll find that statement in many places on That's because it is not just a cliché; it's an important truth. has worked very hard for a long time to bring our customers top quality child care information. We've become very successful at it because we've been in the field for 20 years. Along the way, we've learned a great deal from other caregivers and parents that has been very important to us. It is this gathering of knowledge that we pass on to help our visitors.

However, there is a great deal of questionable information available on the Internet as well. We've bought just about every major startup package and kit out there and our findings did not come close to measuring up to the standard of excellence and quality. The purpose of our Online Catalog is to pass along only well designed, quality, useful information information we've used ourselves, so that you don't have to waste your time, or hard earned money, suffering through the over advertised stuff that's out there. And it's unmistakably everywhere.

Look at it this way: As in any area of business, there are people on the Internet who will put together a package of information, create a convincing sales page, and let anyone, whether they know anything about child care or not, sell it. They prey on your hopes and dreams, and are willing to sell you anything in order to take a piece of your paycheck for themselves. You can't run a search on starting a child care business without every other page directing you to these products. But the only people profiting here are the affiliates selling the products who, according to the affiliate page of one major seller don't even have to buy the product to sell it, and the publisher, who, if he/she really cared for you, would offer you a wealth of other information you don't have to buy, like we do at

Good Info vs. Bad Info

The Internet is great a storehouse knowledge. That's a wonderful thing. But the Internet doesn't discriminate when it comes to what information is out there, and that, sadly, can cause problems.

One problem is that some people don't have as much experience as other people in the subjects they write about. And that is certainly not very helpful for people like you who are are building on their dream to start a child care business or who are looking to protect their child by knowing how to properly look for child care.

Another problem is that anyone with a few extra minutes, can purposely slap together a pile of information and sell it for big bucks. It's an easy thing to do, and there's a LOT of that going on. Unlike these sites who take your money and run, is dedicated to providing our visitors with materials written by people who have proven, honest, practical real world experience that works. Catherine Pruissen's, "Starting and Run a Home Daycare", for example, took over a year to research and write, and has been updated several times since. The book is so well written and helpful that we have never had a single negative comment about it. In fact, it is considered by many to be their child care business bible. And our Child Care Business Forms helped a college student and new child care business owner get 45 out of 45 on her Starting a Daycare project. She couldn't thank us enough for helping her get both the good marks and the jump-start she needed to provide her clients with superior information and materials like her child care contract, parent handbook, and so on.

Beware the Oversell

A product that is plastered all over the Internet means one very important but sad fact; a lot of people are making a lot of money off of the hopes and dreams of customers like you.

Don't throw your money away on sites hosted by affiliates and resellers by the dozens who couldn't care less what happens to you. All they care about is the whopping 25% to 50% commission off each kit they sell. They pad their Affiliate pages with link terms and actual high ranking Website names in order to spoof the search engines and get a top ranking, even though they don't provide you with any valuable information unless you BUY it. At 50% of $29.95 for one product you see everywhere, that's a nice chunk of change and they KNOW IT! Why else do you think they pay to advertise their product all over the search engines?

Not We have earned our Search Engine ranking because of our dedication to the child care field and our years of commitment. We have a complete Resource Centre chock full of valuable FREE articles that will help you build your child care business. We offer a FREE place to list your business, to talk with other caregivers, and so much more. These other sites want your money up exceptions. At we're happy to share so much of our knowledge and expertise for FREE. You'll waste valuable time and money finding out that the information you bought from these over-advertised products don't even come close to quality of information in products.

Beware of Web Sites Bearing 'Free Gifts'

If Free Gifts are offered after the sale, they're NOT free! There's a slogan that says, "If You Can't Dazzle 'em with Brilliance, Baffle 'em with Bull****" There are a number of Web sites selling information on the Internet who put in considerable effort to Baffle you into buying their products. They have a wide range of methods they use, but one of the most obvious is Free Gifts.

Now, there are two kinds of Free Gifts.

1.) Free Gifts given to you BEFORE the sale are usually a good thing. We do that ourselves; we offer a very comprehensive Resource Centre giving you a tremendous amount of FREE information on starting your own Child Care Business. We give you that for FREE, no questions asked, no personal information required, and you never have to buy anything from us. THAT kind of Free Gift is OK, because it really is Free!

2.) Free Gifts that are promised AFTER the sale are the thing to watch out for. They are designed to make the offer look so attractive to you that you simply cannot turn it down. They are, in fact, given to you because the main informational product itself is so lousy that it's creators feel that they have to suck you in with after-the-sale freebies, or they'll never sell anything to you at all.

However, in order to get all these Free Gifts, you have to buy something first. Here's how these products work: They pitch their product to you with all kinds of wonderful promises, telling you that you're going to make incredible amounts of money very quickly. That in itself is not true! NOBODY makes incredible amounts of money quickly in child care. In the real world, it takes time, patience, and work! THEN they tell you that if you order their information, they will include "$$$$ Worth of Bonus Free Gifts!" with your order, or some such ridiculous statement. They tell you that you will get Marketing Information, Important Articles and Reports, Expensive EBooks, Bonus Guides, etc., etc., for FREE, after you buy their product.

Freebies that you only get AFTER the sale are there for two reasons: They make you think you're getting much more that you are paying for, when in truth you are not; you can pick up that stuff for free without buying anything. All that Free Stuff is just that; it's FREE, it's garbage, and you can find it all over the Internet for nothing, without having to pay a cent for anybody's products. The product providers certainly do not pay for it; why should you? They are a distraction. These sites are counting on the very good probability that you will spend so much time with, and get so caught up in all that extra free stuff that you will forget that the original product you paid for is junk, and you'll never bother to ask for a refund!

How Can We Honestly Say All This As The Truth?

Quite simply, because we've purchased a number of the most heavily advertised products to verify what we already knew:'s products are of the highest quality compared to the others. Actually, we did a comparison of the two major information products and those provided on And we had that comparison chart on our site. Sadly, the major information seller who has more resellers who know little or nothing about child care plastering the products all over the Internet, wrote to us and complained about this chart. The information provider went so far as to threaten to stop linking to our site if we continue to host this comparison chart. We were really perplexed because the only way a customer can get this link to from them is to BUY their product first.

Finally, unlike these sites who only SELL you information, we work seven days a week (literally) to build the best possible child care Web site available today. We add new information constantly. You won't find that from the BUY now and you're left o to your own devises sites out there. If they won't support you to further your endeavor to open your child care business, why would you support them by buying their product? Only will be here when you need us - always.

If you have benefited from the information provided on any section of, please support us by purchasing quality products. It's your hard-earned money. Spend it wisely.