Make Your Site Child Care Friendly

Show your visitors you care about child care.

Make Your Site Child Care Friendly

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"Today, I will be too calm for worry, too noble for anger
and too strong for defeat. Today, I will believe anything
is possible... I will walk through fear without hesitation.
Today, I will stand for something. Today, I will make a difference."

Today, companies are looking for breakthrough ideas that will help them promote a positive corporate image and demonstrate their commitment to making a difference.

Because the need for quality child care affects businesses large and small, we are offering link opportunities to those Web sites who want to be seen as a caring, progressive company who understands that we all have a direct stake in the education and development of our children.

Why place a We Care About Child Care link on your Web site?

* Consumers want to give their business to people who care about them. By publicly supporting child care, you are telling consumers that you not only value child care in their community, but that you value them and their family. Now that's great public relations and marketing all rolled into one great feature.

* child care online is a feature-rich meeting place where parents, educators, child care providers, and employers can find information on issues related to the child care field. It is especially useful for employers who understand the value of assisting their employees with their dependent care needs

Adding a We Care About Child Care link is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1) Fill send the following information to: [email protected].
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b) Email Address
c) Name of your Website or publication
d) Website address re: http://____
e) Your Website audience
f) Any comments you may have
g) Confirmation that you have read our Terms of Use, prior to
sending your request.
2) We will email you the code and explain how to set up the
3) You place the code on your site and it will automatically provide
a link to child care online. It's that simple!!!!!