Web Page Templates

What is a Web Template?

A web template is a pre-made web page without any content. They are designed to quickly get you started on your project. The most noticeable benefit of purchasing a Web template is that it is extremely affordable. By paying less than $40 US, you receive a high-end design created by professional web designers, royalty free and ready to use. We have the highest quality Web site design templates starting as low as $15.00 each!

I have 10 pages on my site. Does this mean I have to buy the same template 10 times in order to use it?

No, you only have to purchase the template once. Purchasing a template licenses you to use it on as many sites and pages as required.

If I buy a template, do I have exclusive ownership of it?

No. Your purchase is a license to use the template according to our Terms of Use. Basically the only thing you can't do with a template you purchase is resell it elsewhere as a template.

How and when will I receive my template(s) after I pay?

If you pay by PayPal or Credit Card, instructions to download your templates will be emailed to you instantly. If you ordered using our mail order form, delivery of the download instructions may take a few days.

How do I open a template once I have downloaded it?

Template files are downloaded in .ZIP format to speed up downloading. To open these types of files you will need an unzipping tool. You can download a free zip program from www.WinZip.com. Mac users, can downloaf StuffIt.com.

What is included in the template files?
The template files contain the following:

* HTML file(s) This is the actual page template written in HTML code. MultiPage web templates may include more HTML files.
* High-quality images that make up the template.
* PSD File that can be used to customize the template using Adobe Photoshop or any other program that can open PSD files. (These are templates that have the icon include their source PSD files.)

I bought/am thinking of buying a template, but I need some help customizing them or having someone else do the work for me. Can you help?

If you don't have the know-how or the time to set up your templates or put your Web site together, childcare.net can do it for you at very affordable prices. Please visit our Web Site Customization page for more details.

Do I have provide a link back to childcare.net?

Not at all. Although you are welcome to include our "We Care About Child Care" graphic on your site. Click here for more information.

I bought a template but when I open the HTML file in my web browser/HTML editor the images are blank or missing. What's wrong?

When unzipping the template .ZIP file, make sure your unzipping program restores the original folder structure. If you are using WinZip to extract the files, make sure the 'Use Folder Names' checkbox is checked.

Will these templates/editors work with any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors?

Your templates will work with any up-to-date HTML editor, such as: Microsoft FrontPage Macromedia Dreamweaver Adobe GoLive HotDog Professional CoffeeCup HTML Editor Many more.

How do I label the button images included with some of your templates?

You can label the button images using an image editor, such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or The Gimp. Simply open the button image you wish to label in your image editor and use the text tool to create your label.