Web Site Development

Below is a list of the basic information that you can use to make building your Web site as simple as possible.

Choosing Your Domain Name

The first step in getting your site on the Internet is to purchase a Domain Name . A domain name, like choosing your business name, should identify your organization and be easy to remember. It's best to keep your domain name as short as possible too. You can choose a domain name with either .com, .net or .org at the end of the name. For example, Susie's Home Child Care may want the domain name susieschildcare.com or susieshomecare.com.

It's always best to do some brainstorming and write down a number of domain names you'd like for your business. Then go to our Domain Name Registration page to find out if the name you are considering are available.

Hosting Your Web Site

Once you have decided on a Domain Name the next step is having a company host your Web site. Hosting companies have servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7. Without the hardware, software and Internet connection, your Web site is basically non-existent, despite all your development. Your site needs a server to be accessed. 

Building a Web Site

Once you've purchased your domain name and chosen a host to serve your Web site up to the Internet, you need to purchase your Web site template. A Web site is created using a coding language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). At childcare.net, we offer professionally designed Web Templates at extremely affordable prices. Click here to see our Web Template packages and to learn more.

Determining Your Web Site Requirements

Ask yourself the following:

1. What type of audience are you trying to reach with your Web site?
E.g.: Parents, employers, other caregivers, etc.
2. What function do you want your Web site to perform?
Would you like you site to provide information on your business?
Would you like your site to provide all the answers to the frequently
asked questions parents ask when they call about your services?
Would you like to provide parents with all the registration forms and
requirements they need so they can make the registration process
easier and faster?
Would you like to put monthly information online for your parents to
view at their convenience, such as activities, upcoming events, your
newsletter, menu, etc.
Do you have products you'd like to sell online and need an
e-commerce site with a shopping cart?