Kids' Outdoor Activities

Kids' Outdoor Activity Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for kids' outdoor activities? Then you've come to the right place! Keep in mind that these are merely a number of suggestions from literally hundreds of kids' activities and kids' activity ideas which you can make up on your own, read about, research online, or amend to suit the ages, skills, and capabilities of the children involved. This includes anything from playing baseball to climbing on the jungle gym. 

Some of these outdoor activities can be enjoyed indoors too, but for the most part they are intended for use in the fresh outdoors (weather permitting, of course), where kids can breathe in fresh air, enjoy the rewards and benefits of mother nature, and engage in healthy physical activity and/or mental stimulation.

Kids' Activities Main Ingredients

The following are the main ingredients for the success of children's activities outdoors:

•- Keep it fun

•- Keep it interesting

•- Keep it simple

•- Keep it safe

Keep it Simple

Children's outdoor activities should not be complicated. There are many outdoor games, outdoor races, outdoor treasure hunts, outdoor crafts, and outdoor nature games, and other outdoor kids' activities that are easy to set up (taking mere minutes), easy to explain, easy to implement (requiring only basic supplies/equipment), and easy for kids to understand. In fact, the simpler the concept, often the greater success!

Easy and Fun Outdoor Children's Activities

Here are some entertaining ways for children to enjoy the great outdoors, some creative outdoor children's games, some fun kid's outdoor crafts, and some easy kids' outdoor activities:

1) Listen to the Sounds

Appropriate for daycare children of all ages, simply seat the children in a circle and ask them to close their eyes; then ask them to identify the sounds they hear. At first, kids' hearing tends to be limited to the most obvious sounds, such as a bird chirping or the sound of an airplane flying overhead. Gradually, they will be amazed as they become attuned to many more outdoor sounds, such as a dog barking, a car driving by, the honk of a horn, the rush of the wind, and more.

2) Chalk Art

This classic children's outdoor activity never grows old! Using a sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or large canvas, let the kids draw to their heart's content using sidewalk chalk. Each child can draw his own picture, or you can collaborate and create a group masterpiece or collage. Teach the kids how to play "Hopscotch," have them leave their mark by lying down and tracing each other's silhouettes, or make up your own chalk art activities!

3) Board Surfing

All you need for this favorite kids' outdoor activity is a wooden board or similar sturdy block about six feet long and eight inches wide. To create the surfboard or balancing board, place a block or brick under each end of the board, thereby raising it off the ground (to a safe height for the children involved). The kids then take turns trying to walk, skip, jump, and hop across the board, as well as balancing on one foot, standing with their eyes closed, et cetera. Besides generating loads of laughter, kids will improve their coordination skills and confidence levels. You can also use this outdoor activity to teach kids about helping on another, accepting differences in their levels of talent, and about taking turns.

4) Outdoor Picnic

What could be easier or more fun than an outdoor picnic with kids? Simply have lunchtime or snack time outdoors. Whether you sit on the ground, on a blanket, or at a picnic table, having a picnic lunch or even a picnic day (complete with outdoor races, games, and prizes) outdoors is sure way to bring lots of smiles to a group of children. For added fun, bring out some Frisbees and balls, and don't forget the portable radio or MP3 player to play some favorite kids' musical tunes.

5) Nature Walking/Nature Exploring

Even a short walk in the park, around the block, or in the playground is an excellent opportunity for kids to discover their "inner nature explorers"! As you walk, ask the how many nature items they can identify (birds, bugs, flowers, weeds, trees, smells, etc.), or have the children collect leaves, twigs, stones, or bottle caps to use in a nature arts-and-crafts activity later on. If a large group of children is involved, but sure a responsible caregiver takes up the front and the rear of the group, and pair the kids into "buddies" who they are to stay with and look out for during the outing. Kids love the feeling of being responsible and will rise to occasion!

Hopefully, these simple and inexpensive kids' outdoor activity ideas have inspired you to come up with some of your own! Have fun outdoors with the children in your care, and don't forget that safety comes first.