Striking Up The Band

Making instruments then playing them is a great experience for any child. Here are some ideas for craft-time fun and music time entertainment. Enjoy!


Put macaroni on one paper plate then staple two plates together. Run a strip of tape around the edge to prevent the macaroni from falling out. Let the children decorate their tambourine with markers, glitter, etc.


Fill a small plastic pop or juice bottle part way with popcorn kernels, rice or macaroni. Ensure the lid is screwed on tightly. You can seal the container with tape if you like. Old toilet paper tubes can also be used to make a shaker with colourful paper taped to each end.


Fold a piece of paper over a clean comb, fasten in place lengthwise and then place in front of your mouth. Hum a tune and have fun.


Fasten a number of jingle bells to a 12" length of ribbon, leaving enough room to tie the bells in place and for a little hand to fit inside to jungle.


Two old saucepan lids with handles make great cymbals.


Tape an old shoebox lid closed and cut a large oval in the lid. Stretch elastics of various sizes around the box over the hole. Gently strum the elastics to produce melodic sounds.


Turn two large coffee cans upside down and use wooden spoons for drum sticks. The children can decorate the cans with tissue paper, glitter, etc. You can also use the plastic lid side of the can for a different drum sound. Large plastic ice cream buckets work well for drums too.


Take a paper towel tube and have the children decorate it. Fasten a piece of wax paper over one end with an elastic. Wrap a piece of masking tape around the opposite end leaving a slit to blow in, and punch five holes in a straight line along the tube about 2 cm apart. Ask the children to blow into the open hold on the masking tape end and to place a finger over one hole at a time to make a different sound.

Clapping Blocks

Cut pieces of wood scraps into blocks 5 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm. Glue fine sand paper along two sides to make a swishing sound when rubbed together. These blocks can be decorated however you like.

Once the instruments are made, set up your band. March around the house or the yard. Play in tune to the children's favourite music. Play the instruments one at a time to get an appreciation for each of them