Construction Centers

The construction center will require more floor space as children are involved in active play using blocks, farm sets, cars and trucks, construction materials, and roadway equipment. Blocks are one of the best toys for the construction centre as children can build anything from skyscrapers to roadways, or from fences to corral the horses, to actual towns.

What the children learn while playing in the construction centre is more than you might imagine. For example:

It takes coordination to build a skyscraper.
It takes counting and visual cognition to line up a bunch of houses in a town.
A roadway takes precision in lining up the blocks perfectly, as does building a fence.
Through it all it builds a child's imagination, creativity and thought process.

Construction Center Materials

In addition to blocks, when integrated with other types of construction materials like:

foam pieces
play cars
toy people
longer pieces of lumber, etc. add to the excitement and creative process, and
larger boxes make great club houses, a post office, or a tunnel.

The possibilities are endless. A great construction centre comes complete with:

an assortment of blocks (wooden, cardboard, foam, even covered-up milk cartons) Dublo, etc.
foam or rubber scraps
cardboard boxes
lumber scraps
farm and zoo animals
airplanes, cars, trucks, and
excavation equipment of allsorts.
For the older children you might want to include:

nuts and bolds
kid size tools
paint odds and ends like steering wheels
small wheels
road signs, and
Tinker Toys, Lego or other building toys.