Bubble Fun

Fun Bubbles

Nothing says "fun" more than bubbles! Children of all ages and especially daycare-aged children are fascinated by the art, craft, and wonders of bubble making, bubble blowing, bubble watching, and bubble innovating! For flexible, reliable, and inexpensive fun year-round and especially in the summertime, here are some bubble activity ideas for your daycare. The kids will bubble over with excitement as they mix up their homemade bubble solutions.

Fascinating Bubbles

Soap bubbles and bubble products have continued to mesmerize and fascinate users and viewers since the day bubbles were discovered! Daycare children will delight for hours in blowing bubbles through an array of creative "bubble blowers," watching bubble-blowing demonstrations, catching bubbles, popping bubbles, and having bubble-blowing competitions. There is something magical, hypnotizing, and enthralling about effervescent, vibrant, bobbing bubbles floating mid-sky that leaves its viewers spellbound. For an activity which will put an end to boredom and draw out even the most introverted, shy, and quiet daycare children, say hello to bubbles and bubble activities!

How to Make a Basic Bubble Solution

While there are a few variations on making a bubble solution, the basic recipe is the same. Here is one simple recipe for making a bubble mixture:

  • 1 part liquid dish soap
  • 2 parts water

For colored bubbles, add:

  • 1 part washable paint

Another recipe for homemade bubbles is as follows:

  • 1 cup dishwashing soap
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin (makes stronger bubbles for bubble-blowing activities)

For colored bubbles, add:

  • A few drops of food coloring

Teach Daycare to Blow Bubbles

Since most kids suck in rather than blow out or tend to put their mouth directly on a bubble blower, be sure the kids understand the concept of blowing out before beginning an actual bubble activity. Have the children practice blowing onto their hand (they should feel the air) and blowing plain water (no soap) through a straw. Once the bubble blowing and bursting begins, beware of wet and slippery daycare floors!

Bubble Blowers

One of the most entertaining and creative aspects of bubble activities is coming up with innovative ideas for bubble blowers or bubble pipes. In fact, the size and nature of bubbles is largely determined by the blower itself. Here are a few ideas for objects which can be used to make bubbles:

•- Straws of all sizes

•- Open end of an empty plastic soda bottle (blowing through the thin end)

•- Fly swatters

•- Trash pan with open slats

•- Small or large funnels

Make Bubble Pictures

For a terrific daycare arts-and-crafts activity, create bubble picture masterpieces using simple bubble-blowing paraphernalia and pieces of paper. Here's how:

- Mix together a basic bubble solution (see above)

- Have children blow different colored bubbles directly onto a sheet of paper, or have children "catch" their friend's bubbles on paper

- For a group activity (better done in the playground), glue or tape together several pieces of paper or Bristol boards. Have the daycare children indulge in a bubble-blowing blast, creating a team-effort, one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Cascading Bubbles

To create a cascade of rising and falling bubbles, place a flat pan with bubble solution on the ground. Distribute fly swatters to all the children, have them dip their fly swatters in the mixture, and wave away!

Colored Bubble Bottles

Add some tempera paint and 1/3 cup of liquid detergent to a clear plastic soda bottle one-third full of water. Screw the cap on tightly, shake-shake-shake, and voila! A bubble bottle is born.

For additional bubble innovations (including bubble-blowing contests for the biggest, highest, and longest-lasting bubbles) do a search on the Internet, which is bubbling over with new bubble activity ideas.