Outdoor Play Centre

Outdoor play builds self-confidence in children who learn to peddle that tricycle, climb that slide, or swing that swing all by one's self. There is nothing quite like the experience, pride and pleasure of mastering a physical skill. By challenging themselves, children learn they can do things the've never done before.

The outdoor play area also provides a great large muscle building arena. As children develop these muscles and in turn their coordination skills, they also develop their inner self, the confidence to climb one more rung than the day before, to run just a bit faster to grab the tricycle before Micheal does, or to skip with that rope today even though they had a terrible time doing it yesterday.

For an outdoor play centre to challenge a child, it must be generously equipped and spacious for kids outdoor activities. If you don't have a large backyard, it would be a good idea to scout out your neighbourhood to see how many local parks are available for your children to use. These facilities, combined with what space you can provide, should prove sufficient.

Your choice of equipment might include:

a picnic table
pull and push toys
jump ropes
balls or all sorts, plastic bats, a T-ball set, play gloves, etc.
a jungle gym or swing set with a slide, or other climbing aparatus
covered sand box, non-toxic sand and sand toys
tricycles or other peddle vehicles
nature toos like a magnifying glass, bug catchers, shovels
a low-to-the-ground balance beam
a small swimming pool (only used under close supervision and emptied when not in use)
sunny and shady areas
grass (soft surface) and cement or asphalt (hard surface)
a good fence with child-proof latches