Sand And Water Centers

Measuring, pouring, building, checking out which objects float or sink, it's science at its best at the sand and water centre. Here children can spend hours on end using sponges, strainers, baisters, shovels, and so on to play and have fun while learning a great many things like how objects can change their physical shapes. They can build their coordination skills by pouring without spilling, or build a sand castle with other children while learning the all-important social skills. What's more, water and sand are great things to touch.

Plastic water and sand tables can be purchased through toy and equipment suppliers. No money for that? A washtub on the table (surrounded by plastic covering of course), or a play session in the sink can work wonders just the same. A simple sand box with a covering will make for hours of great fun outside during the summer months. You can bring the sand in in a smaller box for winter enjoyment.

Sand and Water Centre Materials

Items needed for a great water and sand centre include:

sand/water tables (tubs, boxes, etc.)
non-toxic sand
plastic bibs or aprons
plastic containers of all sizes including measuring instruments things that float things that sink.

Optional items might include:

cars, tractors, trucks
farm animals
wire whisks, egg beaters
dolls, etc.